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Maryna and Kim are the co-founders of Ornate Candles.

Both came together under the stressful circumstances of the Ukrainian war, in which Kim and her family host Maryna. Resilient and resourceful, Maryna has undertaken paid employment since entering the UK and is able to work for interpreting companies helping displaced Ukrainians. Prior to that, her employment was in IT and teaching.

Kim’s professional background was as a commercial photographer taking photos at 1500ft from a Cessna plane. She is also a keen artist. 

Hello from Maryna and Kim!

The candle making started as a hobby using amateur equipment. Kim realised the importance of creativity in reducing stress and anxiety, plus a lit candle is relaxing and calming. After many hours of wax spilling, broken candles, late nights, trials and errors, Maryna and Kim invested in new equipment and supplies by sourcing as many eco-friendly and sustainable UK products as possible. Putting their skills together Ornate Candles then came to fruition. 

Kim and Maryna believe gifts are more special if they are hand-crafted and unique. New collections are being added regularly to suit different occasions and the changing seasons.

All products are made ‘in-house ‘ and are not mass produced, keeping them ‘Uniquely yours’.

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