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Boy or Girl?  How exciting!


We have the perfect way to celebrate this special occasion! 


Light your candle crafted in our beautiful keepsake handmade jesmonite statue: angel or sleeping beauty; sip your champagne and watch it gently burn through the white wax to reveal the gender of the little one! Don`t take your eyes off however, as you may miss the blue or pink wax melting through! (which takes approximately 15-20 minutes)

Please send us your sealed envelope with the gender inside

(no peeking) straight from your scan making sure you give us your details so we can lovingly prepare your candle and promptly get it delivered to you! 

If you wish to add extra cuteness, place with your order our hand-crafted and hand-painted jesmonite sleeping baby girl or boy (only we will know which to add secretly packaged with your candle) to be opened once your candle reveals the gender.

Multiple birth? No problem, a candle for each!


Why not order a take away gift for each of your guests individually handcrafted and gift-wrapped by ourselves? A cute teddy bear candle or jesmonite sleeping baby.

Gender Reveal: Angel

  • Angel
    Dimensions: L 10 cm x H 7cm x W 8 cm
    Materials: jesmonite
    Weight: 700 gr

    Takeaway gifts

    Teddy Bear Candle

    Dimensions: H 6 cm x W 6.3 cm
    Materials: premium soy wax, a pure cotton wick
    Colours: cream white

    Jesmonite sleeping girl or boy

    Dimensions: L 7 cm x H 5 cm x W 3 cm
    Materials: jesmonite
    Weight: 56 gr

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