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The soy candles are hand-poured and hand-coloured. They sit upon a handcrafted jesmonite tray beautifully hand coloured and designed with the Ukrainian trident raising strongly and triumphantly through the gold leaf gilded design. The tray has a resin coat. Heat, water and stain resistant this versatile tray can be used to stand the candle’s upon, as a drinks coaster or trinket tray.

Brief history.

The Ukrainian trident symbolises the historic events of Ukraine in protecting its sovereignty and territory.
Ukrainians see the beautiful sunflower as a symbol of resilience and peace. They planted the flower in the devastated area of the Chernobyl disaster in 1986 to help extract toxins from the soil. The sunflowers are also used for decorations during festivals and weddings. A brave Ukrainian woman recently put sunflower seeds into the pocket of a heavily armed invading Russian solder - so the flowers would grow if he died on Ukrainian soil! Slava Ukraini! 

Warning. If you wish to light your beautiful candles please remove the sunflower first.

SLAVA UKRAINI! Trident Tray and Candle Set

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  • Candles
    Dimensions: H 11.5 cm x W 7 cm, H 4.3 cm x W 5 cm
    Materials: premium soy wax, a pure cotton wick
    Colours: baby blue, yellow

    Trident Tray
    Dimensions: H 2 cm x W 9 cm x L 18 cm
    Materials: jesmonite
    Colours: baby blue, yellow, green, & navy blue
    Embellishments: gold leaf gilding

    Total weight: 600 gr

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