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Our stand-alone beeswax candle sets have been lovingly put together for you in sets that compliment each other with varying heights, stems, textures, and colours. We have photographed them ourselves to inspire your own creativity in arranging them.

Stand Alone Beeswax Candle Set of 2

SKU: BW007
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  • According to scientists Beeswax candles when burnt have many benefits:

    * Environmentally friendly due to their zero chemical compound.
    * They eliminate mould, dust, and odours by purifying the air.
    * Natural honey scent with a warm glow that is slow-burning and naturally dripless.
    * Renewable sources that support our UK beekeepers!

    No two beeswax candles will be exactly the same colour due to the type of flowers the bees have been foraging. Colours range from creamy whites, to bright yellows, oranges, even pink and brown shades.

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