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These cheeky soy dragon candles are hand-poured and hand-coloured, each wearing a handcrafted jesmonite dragon pendant. They sit upon an elaborate handcrafted jesmonite red dragon - the symbol of Wales.

Place the large red dragon in the North or East direction in your house facing inwards to direct the positive energy. The dragon is seen as a protector of good luck and fortune. 

Brief history.

The Welsh dragon was first adopted by the Welsh king of Aberrffraw in the fifth century. To them it symbolised power, wisdom and authority. It later become known as the red dragon of Cadwaladr once the Romans withdrew from Britain in the seventh century. The motto “y ddraig goch ddyry cychwyn” means “the welsh dragon will show the way”. The dragon faces left as most knights were left-handed, and appears on the national flag of Wales.

Warning. If you wish to light your beautiful dragons, please save their pendants and remove them first.

WELSH DRAGONS! Dragon Tray and Candle Set

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  • Dragon Candles
    Dimensions: H 7.8 cm x W 5 cm
    Materials: premium soy wax, a pure cotton wick
    Colours: pearl river

    Dragon pendants
    Dimensions: H 3 cm x W 1 cm
    Materials: jesmonite
    Colours: red, forest green

    Welsh Gragon
    Dimensions: H 1 cm x W 20 cm x L 24 cm
    Materials: jesmonite
    Colours: red
    Embellishments: gold leaf gilding

    Total weight: 550 gr